As part of the High Definition Compositing module (Architectural visualisation Ma), I had to produce a series of videos that demostrated compositing abilities using Nuke (the foundry) and After Effects (Adobe).

AnimationDigital ArtVisual Effects
Placing a green screened character moving through a landscape and an interior shot. adding a 3D object in each shot, which is lit to match the scene and moves perfectly within the track.
3ds Max + Vray + Nuke + After Effects + Premiere Pro
3D background replacement/extension in composition using a real video
3ds Max + Vray + Nuke + Premiere Pro
3D simple objects in country footage, composition with figure roto
3ds Max + Mental Ray + Nuke + Premiere Pro
Video stabilizing and rays effect from the rock
Nuke + Premiere Pro
Digital Matte painting in panning shot with figure -replacing the sea background with a city-
Nuke + Premiere Pro
Corridor scene created from photographic still with green screen figures 
Nuke + Premiere Pro
Addition of 3D building and trees on cliff, another palm tree on the front and removal of boats on the sea to pan over bay
3dsMax + Mental Ray + Nuke + Premiere Pro
adding moving 3D objects in a shot, which are lit to match the scene and move within the track.
3ds Max + Vray + Nuke + After Effects
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